All Hell Breaks Loose

In my weeks of playing call of duty WWII since the last time I posted have been great. In that time, I was able to discover new parts of the game, improve my skills and appreciate how impossible it was to fight in WWII. Which is what the creators of the game at Sledgehammer did well at, showing how intense WWII was. The game camera they use in this game is FPS which means you see what your character or avatar would see. In the campaign, they do a great job of using the characters line of sight to show the full environment of what these men went through. “the characters emotions or actions are not the purpose of the scene. Rather, the camera is on the character’s environment, affecting what actions the character can likely do” (deWinter) For instance, in the first scene of the campaign is D-Day. It shows you the boat ride to the beach and the unfortunate task of having to drop the steel shield to exit the boat. But more importantly, it directs you towards a specific bunker in which you are supposed to overrun. By narrowing you in and engaging the environment you feel inclined to go towards the people that are shooting at you because it feels like the right thing to do. Which seems that FPS games are doing well at lately. Another thing that stood out to me in the game was the use of non-diegetic sound. Throughout the campaign you can hear music and sound effects that would not normally occur in the actual environment. For instance, in a stealth mission there will be calm and “sneaky-like” music while you slip through the enemy’s radar. When you are seen by an enemy this sudden high note goes off, kind of like a cello playing a quick note. The game seems to have many of these types of non-diegetic sounds going off for dramatic effect. Like I have said in the past, the game comes off as a movie, especially with these long cut scenes between missions.

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